How to fake a tweet using photoshop

So most people decide to use tweet generator. That is not the best way because it has a delete button and looks fake. Its actually pretty easy to do in photoshop. I would never use tweet generator please stop these rumors. 90% of this fandom believing this was real was the highlight of my year.

Step 1. tweet what you want to write

Using your twitter account, tweet whatever you want the fake tweet to say, press the prntscr button on your keyboardimageI blocked out my username for obvious reasons

Step 2. Get a random tweet from the person you want to fake a tweet from, favorite it, and make sure you’re following them, also prntscrn that tweet


Step 3. Crop your tweet so there is just text.


Step 4. Put the text over the tweet of your victim


Step 5. Now just clean things up if you need to and you’re done!

I’m not that good at explaining so hopefully this was an okay tutorial